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welcome to the falmouth harbour commissioners website


"Our purpose is to ensure the ongoing viability and future prosperity

of the harbour to the benefit of port users and the region".

Falmouth Harbour, including the Carrick Roads, is reputed to be the third largest natural harbour in the world. Falmouth Harbour Commissioners are a statutory port authority with responsibility for the Inner Harbour at Falmouth (excluding Falmouth Docks), the Penryn River up as far as Boyers Cellars, the southern part of the Carrick Roads and a large part of Falmouth Bay. As well as providing regulation of its Harbour Area the Commissioners provide small craft facilities for residents and visitors.




With its spectacular sailing waters and friendly town, Falmouth is an ideal place to berth a yacht or boat, or to visit by land or sea. Click here for more information.

Useful information Weather, Tides, Port Notices etc



Falmouth is a busy commercial port and offers a wide range of services to all sizes and types of merchant ship. Falmouth Harbour Commissioners manage a 24 hour pilotage service to control navigation by large vessels within the Port. Shipping movements for the Port can be found on this web site. Useful information Weather, Tides, Port Notices etc



The Commissioners encourage all their stakeholders to respect Falmouth's natural environment. Through ongoing community engagement and proactive environmental management of the Harbour Area, the Commissioners work towards achieving port sustainability.



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